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Cotton professional cooperative
  • Introduction

Zhijiang Baiyin Cotton Professional Cooperative was founded by Zhijiang Baiyin Textile Trade Co.,Ltd. in May, 2009. The register capital is 10 million yuan. We have established the full institutions for cooperative, and set up board of management and board of supervisors. The company still owns agricultural capital technical department, financial department, sales department and comprehensive department.

In order to realize high output, better quality and low consumption for cottons, the cooperative offers better quality cotton seeds for cooperative employees and free technical training. We adopt demonstration drive and cooperative acceleration method to accelerate cooperative employees to realize high output and low consumption.

Strive goal and future layout
Scale:cooperative farmer: 6,000; cooperative cotton field:60,000 mu; lint:6,000 tons.
Sales income:120 million yuan
Gross profits:6 million yuan

We have made more cotton farmers in Hubei become cooperative members through years’ striving, and realize unite operation and management, standard production.


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